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Upsides of Getting ONBOARD®

  • You could drive 250,000 miles or approximately 3 years in your super duty diesel without changing your oil, greatly increasing the life span of your engine in the process while improving your carbon footprint.
  • You could log a cumulative 100,000,000 miles on a fleet of 150 trucks performing no oil changes, while enjoying improved fuel efficiency of 3-7% on average for each vehicle.
  • You could avoid having to power down your generators to perform excessive routine oil changes.
  • You could reduce your oil purchases by more than 90% by safely and simply extending oil drain intervals.
  • By now you’ve realized that you are missing out on huge savings! Take steps towards increased profitability with the most effective conservation initiative available to you. Use the Savings Calculator at the right to get started!

ONBOARD® is committed to reducing foreign oil dependency while making fleets profitable. A positive environmental green aspect with significant capital savings.

How about an ROI within 3-4 oil changes?


  • Good news is unusual. Convincing yourself of the large milestone ONBOARD® represents can be staggering.
  • You’ll have to learn to decipher your own glowing oil reports.
  • If you are entertained with changing your oil and are happy to pay for it as well, you would miss this particular joy.

Savings Calculator

ONBOARD®’s goal is to drop the U.S. estimated oil consumption of 2.3 billion gallons to 500 million gallons per year. Seriously. Join us or just watch.

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