Bypass Oil Filtration

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The ONBOARD® Advantage

Bypass oil filtration has been around for decades. NOW, THERE IS ONBOARD® ECVD. Light years ahead of the others, ONBOARD® has dramatically improved how a Bypass Oil Filtration System saves money for you and your company.

ONBOARD®’s patented Vacuum Dehydration process collects crankcase vapors combined with evaporated water, glycol and unburned fuel and delivers the contaminated vapor back to the combustion cycle for re-burn. Your diesel, CNG or gasoline engine is now an oil refiner working constantly to keep your oil in pristine condition and improve your gas mileage and reduce your emissions.

The results are unmatched by any other system.

ONBOARD® will improve fuel economy, reduce emissions and reduce your carbon footprint. ONBOARD® is manufactured with the highest quality materials to ensure lasting service for your fleet and field equipment. It’s your turn to do the math and get on board with ONBOARD®. Proudly manufactured in the USA!

Upsides of Getting ONBOARD®

  • Drive 250,000 miles or approximately 3 years in your super duty diesel without changing your oil, greatly increasing the life span of your engine in the process while improving your carbon footprint.
  • Log a cumulative 100,000,000 miles on a fleet of 150 diesel trucks performing no oil changes, while enjoying improved fuel efficiency of 3-8% on average for each vehicle.
  • Avoid having to power down your diesel generators to perform excessive routine oil changes.
  • Reduce your oil purchases by more than 90% by safely and simply extending oil drain intervals.
  • By now you’ve realized that you are missing out on huge savings! Take steps towards increased profitability with the most effective conservation initiative available to you. Use the ONBOARD® Oil/Fuel Savings Calculator to get started!

Bottom Line: ONBOARD® is committed to reducing foreign oil dependency while making diesel fleets profitable. How about an ROI within 3-4 oil changes?

ONBOARD® = Significant Savings



  • Good news is unusual. Convincing yourself of the savings that ONBOARD® represents can be challenging.
  • You’ll have to learn to decipher your own glowing oil reports.
  • If you are entertained with changing your oil and are happy to pay for it as well, you would miss this particular joy.

Savings Calculator

ONBOARD® intends to help drop the U.S. estimated oil consumption of 2.3 billion gallons to 500 million gallons per year. Seriously. Why don’t you join us?

Need More Data?

ONBOARD® also offers a full-featured Estimated Savings Calculator to fine-tune your savings data.

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